Southern Fried Chicken Breadings

A delicious mouth watering Southern Fried style chicken breading that’s full of flavour and easy to use to recreate your favourite high street fried chicken takeaway at home, not only just great for chicken thighs, legs and wings, try with chopped or sliced chicken breast for crispy coated nuggets and goujons, or cooked potatoes and mushrooms for dipping into your favourite sauce.

Direction for use: Simply dip the chicken portion into milk or water, shake off any excess, then toss the chicken into the breading, evenly coating all sides, leave to rest for a short time before deep frying until fully cooked and golden brown.
Healthier Way to enjoy: Shallow fry or oven bake on a lightly greased oven try at 200C/400F gas mark 6, for 25 – 30 minutes (turn halfway through baking).
Double dipping: for a thicker crispy coating repeat the process above.

Available Flavours:
Southern Fried
Hot & Spicy Fried
Peri Peri Fried Breading

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